in cahoots (min_cahoots) wrote in atkins_canada,
in cahoots


i started induction last sunday. so it's been six days. i checked today and i've lost 4 pounds, 1 inch off my upper arms and 1 inch off my upper thighs. Off my waist? 3 inches!!!
i did get leg cramps last night so i bought potassium, magenesium and calcium today.
my stats:
starting weight: 160 lbs(ouch)
height: 5'4"
size: 13
goal weight: 135 lbs
size: 9/10
i'm feeling pretty enthusiastic about this. i should add that i'm doing two 1 hour cardio classes a week, lots of walking and some biking too.
i'm looking forward to being a member of this community so that i have atkins-friendly folks to support me and whom i can support in turn.
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Yes indeed - you have friends on Atkins. It can be tricky though - so don't hesitate to ask any questions.

i guess i have two questions:
1. atkins advantage bars: these feel like cheating! the most i have ever eaten in one day was two and over eight days i had 6 of them. i'm scared to buy them anymore because i don't want to crave them.

2. fried fish: is it ok to pan-fry? does frying (vs. poaching/baking fish) create trans fat?

i don't eat red meat and i haven't ate chicken in over ten years either, but i bought some organic, free-range chicken and i'm going to try it this week just to give me a little break from fish and eggs. big step for me!
I wish I was your weight. lol =)
Good luck on losing the pounds!