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Reviews of Canadian low-carb brews

Labatt Sterling
I think this was the first one on the market, but am not sure. It's good but not great. I was surprised that it didn't taste like Blue Light. Like Molson, they modeled it after a "real" beer, not a light beer, making it taste more like Blue than Blue Light. With that said, it's still... different. I didn't like it enough to buy it again, I'll put it that way, but it was still decent enough to drink.

3.5/5 overall. Six for $9.29 plus deposit in Montreal.

Sleeman Clear
This brew, like most Sleeman brews and Labatt Sterling, is different. It's a bit more like a Mexican beer than a traditional Canadian brew and for this reason, it's great with lime. This is also a FAST brew, so if you like drinking beer fast, this is a good choice. Price is also favorable.

4/5 overall. Six for $8.99 plus deposit, twelve for $15.99 plus deposit in Montreal.

Molson Ultra
By far the best. I've also had several American LC brews - Rolling Rock Green Light, Coors Aspen Edge, Miller Lite, Accel - and this one is head and shoulders above them. The taste is... Molson, for the most part. It tastes much like Canadian, not Canadian Light... but it is light. If I weren't on Atkins, I'd pick this one over Canadian Light. It is really, really, REALLY good. The price hurts, and I've only seen it in a six-pack so far, but it's nice as a treat when you want something like a real beer.

5/5 overall. Six for $9.29 plus deposit in Montreal.
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