montrizzle (montrizzle) wrote in atkins_canada,

Low-carb ice cream

Just found a low-carb ice cream today, Chapman's No Sugar Added. I got their Dutch Chocolate and it is REALLY. GOOD.

For around 100 mL there's:

Total carbs 11g
Fibre 1g
Sugars 4g
Malitol 6g
Sucralrose 5mg

I'd estimate that's 4g net carbs per serving, not too shabby! And it tastes tres, tres bien!
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Where is it sold?
I found it at Provigo, which if I am right is connected to Loblaw's somehow.
Chapmans actually have the net carb information on their website. Go to the No Sugar Added (NSA) section and the link is there.

My husband says the Maple Walnut is some of the best he's ever had, sugar or not, and I love Cookies and Cream myself.
I have tried the other stuff by Nestle and it is really good. It just comes in Vanilla. Carb Count I think it is called? I can't remember. I calculated it to be about 2 carbs per serving.

It said 7 grams of carbs per serving but when 5 of those are fibre you subtract it and it comes out to 2 grams (not that it isn't obvious, lol)

All in all, it's like pure cream with vanilla in it. Very good, so smooth too. I got it at Macs Milk here in my home town but I am sure they sell it other places.

I haven't tried any other ice creams like that, at least not ones that are "No Sugar Added" I tend to stay away from things that say that for some reason.

I might have to try it.