Lynette (lynbug) wrote in atkins_canada,

weee i'm new

i x-posted to the atkins community before finding this i joined here also...

hey everyone... i've recently joined the followers of atkins. it's actually really funny, because for the longest time i was like...sure..another fad. however, my mom bought the book, so i read it, and i can actually see myself doing it.. on with the intro..

Lynette - induction day 1
location - ontario
current weight : 120
goal weight : 110
height 5'7

mmkay. yes, i know i'm thin. that's one thing that people say to me right away...OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO THIN WHY ARE YOU DIETING? however, to me, it's a way of eating a lot better than i do right now. if i lose my tummy and have a nice bathing suit body in the process, yay for me.

so, like a typical new person, i have a few questions..

1. when i make a salad, what vegetables can i actually have in it? i know celery has negative calories, and apparently i can throw in a few little cherry tomatoes...but is there anything else i can have?

2. is it ok to eat a lot of eggs? i like i'll have them for breakfast.. if i have hardboiled eggs for lunch too is that ok?

3. water is another easy for me, i work in a call centre, i drank 64oz on my shift tonight. is crystal light powder ok to use? i normally just use on pack per 32oz of water, just to have a tiny bit of flavour. until recently i was drinking pepsi instead of water, so i do like having a bit of flavour :/

thanks everyone for your input. i like knowing there's a place i can go to ask questions. a few girls i work with are using the atkins diet also, but i'm at home now :/
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