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[19 Oct 2005|06:59am]
Join _struggling

new community! please join!
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I'm new :) [30 Oct 2004|05:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey everyone, my name is Jaana and I started Atkins today. I have done it in the past with really fast results, I lost almost 15lbs during induction. But I've gained a lot of weight, and I'd love to get my body back by Christmas. Here's my stats:

Age: 16
Height: 5'11.5 (I know, TALL haha)
Weight: 153.5lbs (yikes!!)
Goal Weight: 125lbs

I've been eating a lot of cheese and eggs and turkey today, but I did cheat a bit already, I had a little handful of Ranch Crispers...but tomorrow, even though it's Halloween, I'm not going to cheat at all.

Wish me luck!

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[03 Sep 2004|03:09pm]

Does anybody want to claim this community? Honestly I've been moderator for a while and have not once had to do anything - is not much work. But I'm no longer on Atkins nor in Canada, so moderating this community seems silly.

If nobody takes it, though, of course I'll continue doing not much of anything...
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[01 Sep 2004|02:57am]

Hey everyone I made an atkins journal I saw someone asking about it so I made one ^_^ please come join atkins_weigh_in
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[02 Aug 2004|11:45pm]


Since my last photos didnt show up right. I took a new Photo a couple weeks ago.
Frist of all my stats
Starting Weight: 189 ( really 190 but I never said that )
Current Weight: 137.5
Goal Weight: 125 ( ish will see how I feel then )
On to the photos
Read more...Collapse )
Only 12.5 to go ^______^ =)

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Hi there! [01 Aug 2004|11:50am]

[ mood | awake ]

My name is Maya and I've been on the Atkins 'Way of Life' since May 10/04. I started at 235 lbs (post-pregnancy, that is) and 17½ mths after my daughter's birth, I finally found the courage to shed the weight. It's hard, but I'm doing it!

As of today, I am 202 lbs! A TOTAL loss of 33 pounds!

Glad I've found you all. :)

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[24 Jul 2004|01:25pm]
hey guys im from a small town in alberta canada. im wondering what kinds of low carb or atkins things we have here in canada, since ive never really seen anything besides a) the atkins bars and b) subway wraps! haha

what do you guys get and where do you get it?
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hi [10 Jul 2004|05:55pm]

i started induction last sunday. so it's been six days. i checked today and i've lost 4 pounds, 1 inch off my upper arms and 1 inch off my upper thighs. Off my waist? 3 inches!!!
i did get leg cramps last night so i bought potassium, magenesium and calcium today.
my stats:
starting weight: 160 lbs(ouch)
height: 5'4"
size: 13
goal weight: 135 lbs
size: 9/10
i'm feeling pretty enthusiastic about this. i should add that i'm doing two 1 hour cardio classes a week, lots of walking and some biking too.
i'm looking forward to being a member of this community so that i have atkins-friendly folks to support me and whom i can support in turn.
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[05 Jul 2004|11:22am]

OK, so here I go. My name's Virginia, from New Brunswick. I started the Atkins diet today, and we'll see how it goes.

I do have a problem, though- I am a very picky eater. I do, however, like every kind of meat in the world. (The hard part about this will be giving up the sauces and dips.)
I don't eat vegetables, which is bad for me, but I take vitamins.

Giving up sugar shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I hear that you get really bad cravings for it. Is this true?

Also, what about salt?
And nuts, like peanuts? Can I have these on the induction week?
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A very good first week [28 Jun 2004|11:44pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Did have a couple of big 'breakdowns' where I ate totally non-induction food... I don't think a haagen-daaz ice cream bar comes even close to counting. :) But still: lost 7 lbs, and an inch off all my measurements!

I'm going to keep at induction for at least another week. Might go longer, I'll see how this week pans out. How did you who are further along fare? Did you just do two weeks, or more?

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Hello from Winnipeg, an Introduction [23 Jun 2004|01:56pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I'm on day three of induction in Atkins. Studied it for a few weeks to make sure I knew what I was doing.

The stats:

  • 35 years old

  • 5' 7"

  • medium frame

  • current weight 185

  • goal weight 155

I don't own a scale, so I'm going to have to go to a friends to weigh myself weekly for progress. I haven't eaten this much meat in years, it's sort of thrilling for now. I do find I am really missing 'dry crunchies', like crackers, chips. Nothing much in induction that will substitute for that, I'll just have to tough it out.

Tried the Atkins brownie bar today. Definite thumbs down, it was tasteless. However, I'm enjoying the food I make at home, I've always loved to cook. Just have to adjust for no pasta, bread crumbs, etc.

Nice to meet you all!


P.S. In Winnipeg I've found lots of Atkin's brand things at the Vita Health stores, and Stuporstore (Superstore).
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Hi All [25 Apr 2004|10:02pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Im new here and I would like to start Atkins. I am reading the book and it says that if you are on Birth Control or antidepressants that the diet may not work as well. My question is, are any of you on either and how has it effected you compared to others that arent on these medications? ANy responses would be greatly appreciated.

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[31 Mar 2004|06:12pm]

anyone know where this low carb foodstore in toronto is? or what its called? i want to go shopping there soon and i can't seem to find it.. i've heard it on the news a while ago hrm.. i hope someone could help me

thanks in advance

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Reviews of Canadian low-carb brews [30 Mar 2004|04:15pm]

Labatt Sterling
I think this was the first one on the market, but am not sure. It's good but not great. I was surprised that it didn't taste like Blue Light. Like Molson, they modeled it after a "real" beer, not a light beer, making it taste more like Blue than Blue Light. With that said, it's still... different. I didn't like it enough to buy it again, I'll put it that way, but it was still decent enough to drink.

3.5/5 overall. Six for $9.29 plus deposit in Montreal.

Sleeman Clear
This brew, like most Sleeman brews and Labatt Sterling, is different. It's a bit more like a Mexican beer than a traditional Canadian brew and for this reason, it's great with lime. This is also a FAST brew, so if you like drinking beer fast, this is a good choice. Price is also favorable.

4/5 overall. Six for $8.99 plus deposit, twelve for $15.99 plus deposit in Montreal.

Molson Ultra
By far the best. I've also had several American LC brews - Rolling Rock Green Light, Coors Aspen Edge, Miller Lite, Accel - and this one is head and shoulders above them. The taste is... Molson, for the most part. It tastes much like Canadian, not Canadian Light... but it is light. If I weren't on Atkins, I'd pick this one over Canadian Light. It is really, really, REALLY good. The price hurts, and I've only seen it in a six-pack so far, but it's nice as a treat when you want something like a real beer.

5/5 overall. Six for $9.29 plus deposit in Montreal.
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Low-carb ice cream [16 Mar 2004|12:11am]

Just found a low-carb ice cream today, Chapman's No Sugar Added. I got their Dutch Chocolate and it is REALLY. GOOD.

For around 100 mL there's:

Total carbs 11g
Fibre 1g
Sugars 4g
Malitol 6g
Sucralrose 5mg

I'd estimate that's 4g net carbs per serving, not too shabby! And it tastes tres, tres bien!
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weee i'm new [12 Mar 2004|12:42am]

i x-posted to the atkins community before finding this one...so i joined here also...

hey everyone... i've recently joined the followers of atkins. it's actually really funny, because for the longest time i was like...sure..another fad. however, my mom bought the book, so i read it, and i can actually see myself doing it.. on with the intro..

Lynette - induction day 1
location - ontario
current weight : 120
goal weight : 110
height 5'7

mmkay. yes, i know i'm thin. that's one thing that people say to me right away...OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO THIN WHY ARE YOU DIETING? however, to me, it's a way of eating a lot better than i do right now. if i lose my tummy and have a nice bathing suit body in the process, yay for me.

so, like a typical new person, i have a few questions..

1. when i make a salad, what vegetables can i actually have in it? i know celery has negative calories, and apparently i can throw in a few little cherry tomatoes...but is there anything else i can have?

2. is it ok to eat a lot of eggs? i like them..so i'll have them for breakfast.. if i have hardboiled eggs for lunch too is that ok?

3. water is another easy for me, i work in a call centre, i drank 64oz on my shift tonight. is crystal light powder ok to use? i normally just use on pack per 32oz of water, just to have a tiny bit of flavour. until recently i was drinking pepsi instead of water, so i do like having a bit of flavour :/

thanks everyone for your input. i like knowing there's a place i can go to ask questions. a few girls i work with are using the atkins diet also, but i'm at home now :/
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[09 Mar 2004|07:20pm]

What's everyone's opinion on SugarTwin?
Anybody use it? find it stalls them?
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Stall-ers [09 Mar 2004|10:38am]

I was stalled for a while and found my two problems.

1. Not enough vegetables/carbs.
I had been doing 25g carbs for a while but many days I wasn't getting nearly that. I would eat mostly meat and not many veggies. I learned my lesson - veggies are important! I made sure to get around 30g carbs for a day and went from 234 to 226.5 in two weeks.

2. Splenda
I hate to say it, but I think that's bad for me. I may need to do more trial and error to see, but I avoided it the past two days after being stalled for a bit and went down a pound this morning. I'll miss the diet soda and candy bars, but oh well.

So if you're stalling out... those two things might work for you. They worked for me!


x-posted to atkins_diet
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[06 Mar 2004|01:04am]

So are the Montreal'ers of this community meeting this Sunday?

I can come, 95% chance... I do have an essay due the next day, but I've made good progress on it thus far and can probably afford the break...
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[03 Mar 2004|11:33pm]

Went to the gym today and had my body fat and all that stuff done.
Current Body Weight_________157.4lbs
Total Body Fat______________32.9%/50.3 lbs
Fat-Free Mass_______________67.1% / 102.6lbs
Total Body Water____________48.5%/ 33.7 Ltr

Resting Energy Expenditure _ 1510 calories/ day to stay at my weight.
Target Weight Range_________ 123.1 to 127.2
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